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Compact Palletizer


  • Easy to use machine.
  • Simple mechanical construction - reduced components number.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface.
  • High automation level.
  • Easy access inside the machine (e.g. cleaning-maintenance work).
  • Quick format change over.

Main Operations

Plug and play type machine featuring a 6 axis – anthropomorphous type robot arm; the machine carries out in automatic mode the following operations:

  • The operator loads a stack of empty pallets inside the machine; upon production start, the robot arm picks the first pallet from the stack and places it on the palletization station.
  • The operator manually loads the vertical type layer pad magazine; during production, the robot arm picks the pad and places it on the empty pallet, between the product layers and on the top layer.
  • Cartons palletization.
  • Once complete the pallet exit automatically from the machine (i.e. continuous/non – stop production).

Main Features

Production Speed: from 10 to 20 cartons/min.

Plug and play type machine, fitted with own frame, very compact (10 sqm).

  • Machine frame made in Fe 360 steel profiles.
  • Integral type safety guard, made in transparent plastic panels; openable doors complete with safety type limit switches, for machine shut down in case of opening during operation.
  • Horizontal or vertical- manual loading type layer pad magazine.
  • Empty pallet stack placed inside the machine frame.
  • 6 axis – anthropomorphous type robot arm complete with DSC – Dual Check Safety (registered trademark) safety system: anti-collision control, plus safe area implementation.
  • Robot picking head: vacuum pad (Venturi) or  adjustable galvanized steel plate strips, coated (product contact side) with high-grip rubber foil.
  • Electrical cabinet directly mounted on the machine base frame complete with light beacon for machine status/alarm visualization, plc unit and touch-screen.

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