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Modular Palletizer


  • Easy to use machine.
  • Simple mechanical construction - reduced components number.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface.
  • High automation level.
  • Easy access inside the machine (e.g. cleaning-maintenance work).
  • Quick format change over.

Operazioni principali

Core of the system is the 4 axis anthropomorphous type robot arm, suitable to carry out the following operations:

  • Using a fork-lift truck the operator loads a stack of empty pallets on the dedicated conveyor; the stack is then brought automatically inside the machine.
  • The robot arm then picks an empty pallet from the stack and places it on the palletization station.
  • Cartons arriving from the production line are fed to the preformation area.
  • As soon as the carton row is complete the robot arm picks it and places it on the pallet.
  • Once complete the pallet exit automatically from the machine.

Main Features

Production Speed: up to 600 cycle/hour

  • Robot support pedestal made in Fe 360 steel plate, bolted to the floor.
  • Metallic net perimeter safety guard.
  • Motorized pallet conveyors (rollers or chain type).
  • Empty pallet pick up from stack and placement on the palletization station.
  • Manual loading type layer pad magazine, located inside the machine perimeter guard.
  • Product preformation area: several models available – according to the type/shape of product handled.
  • Picking head: several models available – according to the type/shape of product handled.
  • Main control cabinet complete with top luminos beacon for machine status/alarm visualization, plc and touch-screen unit.

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