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Multifunction Robot Block


  • Easy to use machine.
  • Simple mechanical construction - reduced components number.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface.
  • High automation level.
  • Multi-function machine with reduced footprint.
  • Easy access inside the machine (e.g. cleaning or maintenance work).
  • Quick format change over.

Main Operations

The machine performs in automatic mode the following operations:

  • Carton extraction from magazine, formation and placement on the filling station.
  • Product collection picking from the infeed conveyor and placement inside the waiting carton.
  • Upper and lower carton flaps sealing (by means of self adhesive tape or hot-melt glue).
  • Finished carton weight check.
  • Carton coding (self adhesive label, print & apply or ink-jet).
  • Carton palletization (pallet placed on the floor or motorized chain/roller type pallet conveyor)


Main Features

Production speed (MRB with carthesian axis device): up to 10 carton/minute

Production speed (MRB without portal): up to 2 carton/minute

The machine consists of a carthesian axis device for the product placement inside the carton and a 6 axis antrophomorphous type robot arm for the palletization and/or case packing (block solution without portal).

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