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Partition Inserter


  • Easy to use machine.
  • Simple mechanical construction - reduced components number.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface.
  • High automation level.
  • Easy access inside the machine (e.g. cleaning-maintenance work).
  • Quick format change over.

Main Operations

  • Fully automatic machine designed to open and place partitions made in kraft type cardboard inside the boxes after (alternatively: before) the insertion of the product collection.
  • Machine version for integration in the monoblock solution also available.

Main Features

Production speed: up to 500 cycle/hour

  • Several models available (e.g. from 1 head to 4 heads).
  • Horizontal type magazine located on the back of the machine.
  • Extraction head: suction cups (vacuum – Venturi).
  • Vertical plus horizontal motions by brushless type elctric motors.
  • Partition opening: pneumatic cylinder plus lever system.
  • Vibrating – rubber belt conveyor installed downstream the machine.

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