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  • Via Londra, 14 - Porto Mantovano (MN) - Italy
  • (+39) +39 0376 1504665

Custom packaging solutions.

About Us

HRS, where your packaging idea takes shape.

HRS was established in 2012 by three partners: Primo Busselli, Roberto Pezzini and Alessandro Busselli. Despite being a very young company, the founding members’ experience has solid foundations dating back to the 1980s. HRS is a company that thinks out of the box, as it works with next-generation machines like Depalettisers, Palettisers and Pick and Place machines.

Our strong suit is robotics. We decided to focus on innovation right from the start, evolving on a daily basis around the development of technology in step with the times. Our company works with highly qualified technicians to develop new projects by using next-generation anthropomorphic robots to handle products. HRS operates in a very diversified market: from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, from food and beverage to wine and spirits, from detergents to chemicals.

Our machines are sold both in Italy and abroad. Our products and solutions are compact, to guarantee our customers more space on their premises whilst retaining operational efficiency. The design of each machine is entirely developed in-house. For each machine, we create a 3D model with the relative bill of materials and evaluate the format changeover and actual speed. The software side is 100% developed in-house, starting from logical flowcharts to be able to make any changes as best as possible. Moreover, the machines are fitted with next-generation hardware: with cycle times in milliseconds, our standard operating logics always envisage a timeout, even for a simple pneumatic cylinder. Thanks to the 100% in-house design, each machine undergoes tests to check it is in good working order.

More than just packaging

Each HRS machine is designed to reduce maintenance and downtime to a minimum, thanks to the use of top quality, durable components. The Maintenance/Spare Parts Manuals of our machines specify all the manufacturer codes, so that any faulty pieces can be replaced by your local retailer.

However, the HRS Service Team is always at your service to reply as soon as possible to any query you may have. When our machines arrive at your premises, they are activated in 24/48 hours, thereby optimising times to increase productivity. Moreover, each HRS machine comes with remote support: this way we can connect and solve your problems 24/7.

Innovation never came through red tape and hierarchy. It always came through individuals.

Our Team

Primo Busselli

Technical dept. director

Alessandro Busselli

After-sales Director
Customer care

Roberto Pezzini

Automation director

Paolo Domenegati

Sales director