CEM-40-H carton forming machine


  • Production speed:  up to 40 cartons/minute
  • Min/max carton dimensions:
    • Length: 180/450 mm
    • Width: 150/330 mm
    • Height: 220/350 mm (closed carton)


  • frame made of Fe 360 steel painted profiles and elements with epoxy bottom coat and polyurethane enamel top coat;
  • main machine movements performed with electric brushless motors;
  • carton magazine located horizontally over the machine, 2000 mm long (high capacity). Carton feed via a motorised belt with intermittent operation. Magazine fitted with an alarm sensor (empty magazine – load), plus a machine stop (no cartons);
  • carton pick-up device via suction cups – vacuum pick-up;
  • small/big flap closure (in sequence) performed with pneumatic cylinders;
  • melting device unit plus guns to apply hot-melt glue via the transit of the carton along the machine. Unit with alarm sensor (low glue level);
  • pneumatic presser unit for final flap compression;
  • “twist” device to place the finished carton on the belt downstream the machine;
  • all the settings come with digital indicators or graduated scales to ensure a quick and repetitive format changeover.

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