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  • Via Londra, 14 - Porto Mantovano (MN) - Italy
  • (+39) +39 0376 1504665

Custom packaging solutions.


HRS, guaranteed packaging

Each HRS machine is designed to reduce maintenance and downtime to a minimum, thanks to the extensive use of top quality, durable components. The maintenance and spare parts manuals contain all the manufacturer codes to allow for the replacement of any faulty pieces by your local retailer. In any case, the HRS Service Team is at your service to meet your every request as soon as possible.


Machinery spare parts


Regular maintenance inspections


Remote support

Technology with a consistently first-class service

All our machines are fitted with a digital modem, which via a simple internet connection allows our servicing technicians to connect for a quick analysis or to carry out any software changes. Moreover, as an optional feature, there is also the possibility of installing a camera on board the machine to monitor operation.

We also offer annual preventive maintenance contracts with specialised mechanical and electronic technicians.

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